Monday, June 18, 2007

E-books in Jewish studies and their place in our libraries

Sara Spiegel began with an examination of digital books.
She found that libraries have embraced e-serials and e-reference books.

She asked "why haven’t they embraced e-books?"
  • Could not afford to buy duplicate works in different formats
  • Were afraid that patrons would only want e-version and books would be eliminated
  • Readers still wanted to read from paper.
There is no one aggregator of Jewish books
Some e-book collections include
  • Otzar ha-hochma (subscription-based)
  • Netlibrary (Suject collections)
  • JNUL - digitized books (over 500 books)
  • Google book
  • (Microsoft project)
  • Jewish Theological Seminary - digital projects
  • Online books - Univ. of Penn. list
  • DigitalBookIndex
  • Project Ben Yehuda
  • Yizkor books at New York Public Library
How to we supply access to these resources?
  • Put list of links on our homepages
  • Add links to individual records in the OPACS
  • Have some kind of federated search that searches different collectionns
  • Provide A-Z list of available e-books
Heidi Lerner reviewed free and subscription based biographical resources.

One example was the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
I somehow missed the handout, I'll try to find more links that she mentioned.


Steve Bergson said...

There is no one aggregator of Jewish books.

Alas, there isn't, but don't let that stop you from trying to set up one of your own - as short as it might be.

I once made an attempt to put together a list of Jewish e-books, complete with subject heading hyperlinks. It's not on the Internet any longer, but it's been archived at

Keep up the great work on the blog reports!

Sheryl said...

I've also been putting together a list on our home page

I obviously will continue to be a 'work in progress' for quite a while.

prof said...

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