Monday, June 18, 2007

Award lunch

We all know that librarianship can be a thankless profession. Its only appropriate that AJL take a few minutes to thank and recognize a couple of the people who have made a difference in our profession.

Zachary Baker presented the AJL Life membership award to Phil Miller, my colleague on the HUC New York campus. Phil is long time AJL member and past president. Of course Zachary mentioned his numerous contributions to AJL, his scholarly endeavors especially in the area of Karaites, and his great linguistic skills, but Zachary left out his wonderful story-telling ability.

Libby White presented Ellen G. Cole with the Fanny Goldstein Merit Award. Ellen is enthusiastic about her work and especially about her family, her children and grandchildren. Ellen said that her motto is to be “MAD” to “Make A Difference.”

Sarah Barnard awarded the AJL scholarship to 2 library school students: Kimberly Guise and Russell Neiss. Russell was here to accept the scholarship. Sarah mentioned that they had a large pool of qualified students which made her committee’s task very difficult.

Yelena Luckert presented the Doris Orenstein award to 7 AJL members who had not attended the conference before.

Susan Greening presented accreditation certificates to many library who had worked hard to achieve this.

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T. said...

Though Zachary didn't include Phil's storytelling abilities, it's my guess that Phil will regale us all with a few tales of the past-- like a trip down memory lane.