Friday, May 11, 2007

Last call for tour participants

Hi AJLers,

This is the last call for those interested in taking the guided tour, Native Cultures of the Southwest (Sunday, June 17th, 7:30AM-1:00PM; with option for earlier leaving, at 9:00 and at noon).

What's in the tour?

* A tour in the Desert Botanical Garden, "rated #1 for all Phoenix things to do" in Yahoo Travel ( This botanical garden specializes in cacti and succulents, with some 20,000 specimens, including some from the geographic area of Erets-Israel (for those of us who miss hatsavim in the fall, this is the place to find them!). The gift shop offers small cacti in well-packed boxes to take home with you, and decorative objects made of saguaro ribs. Start practicing the word Saguaro... (pronounce: sa-wa-ro).

* A tour in the Heard Museum, which according to Frommer's, "should be your very first stop" in Arizona when it comes to learning about its native cultures ( The Heard Museum is located in a beautiful building, and its educational exhibits are impressing. The gift shop is well-known for quality, though pricey, selections.

* A pizza and salads lunch at the kosher King Solomon's Pizza (

Both the tours are guided, but there will be free time for you to wander around and explore for yourselves.

Please contact by May 18th (Friday next week) to register. A few more seats are available.


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